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Placing an Ad
Phone: 653-4664 / Fax: 653-3162
Office: 30-B, 3rd Ave. West, Cardston, Alberta

Monday Noon for Thursday insertion.

Text Classified Ads are $6 per issue each (25 words or less*)
Lost, Found, Give-aways and Non-Profit text classified Ads are FREE.
Payment in advance: Cash or Cheque made out to Temple City STAR
   *15 cents per word beyond the initial 25 words

Check Your Ad
Please check your Ad for accuracy the first day of publication. We accept responsibility only for the first incorrect placing or wording of the Ad. There will be no refunds or credits given for errors not corrected by the client after the first Ad appears.The Temple City STAR is not liable for any loss or expense that results from publication (correct or incorrect) or omission of an advertisement. All Ads are subject to approval of this publication, and we reserve the right to edit, reject, or properly classify any Ads.

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Please or call 403-653-4664 for a quote.

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