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Remember When ~ 1991
Submitted by: Maxine Rodgers

September 3, 1991:
** Dr. Roy Spackman and his wife Donna, were released as president and matron of the Alberta Temple after serving for over five years.
** Shauna Molcak, a player on the Canadian National Women’s
Basketball team, has just returned home to the area from Cuba and the Pan Am Games. She reported, “It’s a lot of fun, the traveling, you get to see a few places that you wouldn’t normally get to see, which is kind of a bonus.”
September 10, 1991:
** The South Country Slide-In, hosted by the Cardston Agricultural Society was a great success with competitors coming from as far away as Wyoming. Locals named in the article are: Cole Nelson, Kathy Hearn, Dan Lybbert, Morgan Lybbert, Locke Duce and Melvin Thomson,
** Cardston town employees Mike Smith and Randy Forsyth took out the old power poles at 2nd Street West for the underground power lines are in place now and the switch-over took place just before school started last week.
** The Balog Cattle Auction processed about 600 head of cattle last week. Doug Singer, Harrison Shade, Mac Olsen, Jack Heggie and Wade Lightburn worked with the cattle.
** New teachers in the Cardston School Division are: Marsha Ripley and Shelley Cahoon at Hill Spring School, Terry Petrie at Cardston Junior High School, Michelle Quinton at Del Bonita and Khym Goslin will teach at Cardston High School...

Computers For Seniors
The Scariest Internet Scams
Submitted by: Al Schindler

As you might guess, I spend a lot of time on my computer and on the Internet. Having been twice victimized by viruses, I speak from experience as to how easy it is to get a virus, and warn that it is common sense to be spooked by anything on the Internet that looks even slightly suspicious.

A recent scam making the rounds is where a fellow—usually with an East Indian accent, calls with an urgent message that they have to get into your computer to clean out some dangerous files. Caution. NEVER let anyone you don’t know get into your computer! It’s like handing over your house key to a burglar.

Other cautions you should watch out for are Facebook “friend” requests. Why would a person you don’t know, and most likely doesn’t know you personally, want to be your Facebook friend?

Free credit card scams. At our age, we should know that nothing in life is free! is a fact-checking site that I use to check urban legends—you know the type: if it’s published on Facebook it must be true. Bookmark and keep it handy to use whenever something doesn’t sound right to you.

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