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Westwind School Calendar
Submitted by: Barb Salmon

This time of year always brings about questions and discussions on the Calendar. This information is found in the AERR report on page 12.

Divisional Calendar Development starts each year, at the November board meeting. The Board of Trustees approves a “draft” calendar to be shared with stakeholders - with an invitation to be involved in the creation of a divisional calendar for the next school year. Stakeholder groups then respond with an indication of possible changes for the Board to consider – this process takes until about February. Stakeholders specifically targeted include: ATA Local, School Councils, Division School Administrators and individual school staffs. At the March Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees pass a motion to accept a final draft of the collaborative created divisional calendar. The final version must include the following components:

1) sufficient days of instruction to reasonably meet the “hours of instruction” requirement of Alberta Education;
2) time for the professional development/learning of staff, especially teachers;
3) observance of holidays and vacation periods;
4) provision for days to administer provincial tests; and,
5) provision for the annual Teacher’s Convention...

Sam the Man on Snow
Submitted by: Gord Brinkhurst

“Hey Sam, did you see all that snow outside?” Did Ed disturb Sam’s early morning nap just to tell him that there was a lot of snow outside? Sam squinted out the window to see that his car was much taller than usual. “Yup,” he yawned, “I can see it. Is that why you phoned me before noon?”

Sam’s good neighbour had bulldozed off a mountain of snow last night but it looked like it had all filled in again. “It sure is a good thing that there is no wind, that snow is so light it would pile up all over the place.”

Ed said, “They say that there is a yard of snow in Marias Pass.” “So what, Marias pass is in the mountains. You expect that much snow in the mountains.” retorted Sam. He was beginning to wonder if he could get out of his driveway ... on the other hand, would his dear daughter get out of her driveway? She lives on an acreage out in Aetna where they get more of everything than we do here. Maybe someone would come and dig out his driveway again. Thank goodness they did not get an electrical outage during the night. He sure felt sorry for the folks out east who had another ice-storm and cut off miles of electrical lines. This not the first time that has happened ... why don’t they put the lines underground?

Well the sun is out but Sam just doesn’t think that it will warm things up much. He’ll just go back to bed for a wee nap and see what the world looks like when he wakes up.

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